Holden Ownership

Know Your Cost Servicing

Premium Capped Service

If your vehicle is less than 5 years old, you can enjoy peace of mind with a scheduled service guaranteed at an affordable rate – so you’ll always know the cost.

Premium Service

If your vehicle is 5 years old or more, and you want to keep it running in great condition, you can get a quote on an affordable scheduled service, which will remain valid for up to 30 days.

Know the cost

You’ll know exactly what you’ll be charged for each scheduled service, before you drop off your car.

What it covers

Know Your Cost Servicing covers parts, labour, fluids and any other applicable workshop charges.

Nothing but the best

Our expert technicians only use Holden approved parts and fluids, ensuring your car gets the best possible care.

Holden Genuine Accessories


All our accessories are designed and manufactured specifically for your vehicle.

Engineered and tested

They’re built to the highest quality standards, with rigorous testing throughout.

With a generous warranty

We’re so confident in our accessories, they’re backed by a solid warranty.

Available Australia-wide

Supported by Holden’s vast nationwide Dealer network.

Book your Holden Service!

The best place to have your Holden maintained is our Service Centre. Regardless of the age of your vehicle, only your Holden Dealer has access to the Holden technical training and diagnostic updates that can keep your car running in top condition. Check out or Special Offers below that are designed for owners of older Holdens.

Complimentary Tyre Inspection

Keep Your Tyres In Check - FREE*

A complimentary tyre check at your Holden Service Centre can help identify issues before they cost you money, or worse, turn into safety concerns.

  • Complimentary tyre condition and pressure inspection

Complimentary Battery Check

Peace Of Mind - FREE*

Nothing will leave you stranded more than a flat battery

  • Complimentary battery and charging system test

Complimentary Wiper Blade Inspection

Keep Your View - FREE*

Due to regular use and sun exposure, the rubber on your wiper blades can deteriorate over time, reducing your visibility

  • Complimentary inspection of wiper blade condition and operation

**This is not a log-book service. If any additional mechanical issues are revealed, you will be notified by your Service Consultant and given a quote for these additional mechanical issues (at participating Australian Holden Dealers).

Holden Rental Service

Servicing should be convenient and stress-free, so we give you the option of a replacement Holden you can use while yours is being serviced.

New Models
Enjoy a car with low kilometres on the odometer.

Exclusive cars
We have a range of cars you can’t find at other rental companies.

Flexible loan periods
We’ll work with you to make sure the loan period suits you.

Business and fleet options
Choose the option that suits your business best.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance is your plan for the unplanned. When the unexpected happens, we are a phone call away. One call to 1800 817 100 will get you the help you need.

Professional Assistance
Breakdowns are unexpected, but we aren’t.

Jump starting
We’ll be there to give your battery a kick-start.

Emergency Tyre Changes
Day or night, we’ll help you change tyres in an emergency.

Vehicle Towing
We hope you don’t need it but if you do, we’ll get you towed to your nearest Holden dealer.

Holden Genuine Parts

You in mind

Designed & manufactured specifically for your Holden, to help maximise the reliability & resale value of your car.

Quality you deserve

Fully tested by Holden to comply with or exceed recognised safety standards, for no compromise in performance or reliability.

Holden warranty

A comprehensive 2 year/50,000km nationwide warranty covers all Holden Genuine & ACDelco factory approved parts.

Peace of Mind

Don’t risk using non genuine or illegal counterfeit parts on your Holden. Only buy your Holden Genuine or ACDelco factory approved parts from a Holden Dealer.